KLPAC (Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre) once again hold this year’s Urbanscapes event organized by the KLUE magazine team.

Heaven for people watching, art lovers, DJ’s, cameraholics (SLR’s & Lomo) and bazaar hunters gathers for 12 hours. One thing for sure i did enjoyed my time there. Its my 3rd Urbanscapes 3 consecutive years.

Its not that often we in KL have this kinda outdoor festivals. And every year KLUE community managed to dig the Underground/Indie creative people to showcase their talents. Urbanscapes definitely the best platform for these creative people to promote themselves and announce their arrivals.

This year i’m here to support MimpiMurni and Raindough ! One of the reason why i can be there for one whole day 🙂

Am looking forward for the next Urbanscapes definitely !

Here are some of the pictures of this year’s Urbanscapes